Game Demo’s of Mebin Koshy Skaria

Temple of Ciara

A temple run game where Pagarashu the mighty ninja warrior looks to find the secret scroll of magic in the temple of ciara.

Mebin Skaria – Game Designer

“its magical and that the work was prayed on which lead to its manifestation”

Description of the Game

Temple of Ciara is a game about reuniting a legendary heritage of royalty after the evil has become rampant. Its Pagarashu who is told to go on and retrieve the book of spells.


This is a game that was manufactured for the team that was at SJSU, San Jose State University, my Alma Mater where I studied my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

Mebin Skaria – Game Designer

“The work here is that I was participating in a Global Game Jam in 2021 it was proper and fun work.”

Description of the Game

The game is about princesses who need rescue, the problem is left to you to achieve. I was the main UI programmer and that is what I focused on while programmed components of the main menu and the level select of the screen.

Thinking back after the Game Jam

Having only 3 days to program and get the team running is tough, but it was a good review on how the industry might operate with crunch hours and things of that nature with deadlines.

Project Zombies

An endless survival game where you are facing rounds of zombies again and again.

Mebin Skaria – Game Designer

“Its meant to be a free version without any war involved on what is going on in the Call of Duty Series, its more appropriate for children.”

Description of the Game

The game is at work in the industry of 3D Graphics in Unreal Engine C++. The game was started as a University Project in the works of the Game Design and Development Guild of Lindenwood University, founded by Mebin Koshy Skaria.

Holy Knight

The game that was made in Unity C# and the tale was with the work of Aesprite and that is the tale here that I was learning, how to do my own asset creation with pixel content and that is what I was focused on doing in this semester of Lindenwood University. The work was fair and fun is what I said and the pleasure was learning more to develop with this type of theory.

Mebin Skaria – Game Designer

“It was my first time working with PIXEL ART that I made myself, im happy with what is the game design idea.”

Description of the Game

The game was made in Unity C# and the work with the scripting was rather easy, he took the work from some other asset collections, followed some youtube guides, and then made this game for class and that was what was fair for Lindenwood University acceptance and that is the tale that was done here.


The game is made in Unity C# in 2D Platformer Style with Mario like gameplay design (where you have to reach the end of the level to touch a flag to go to the next level).

Mebin Skaria – “It was great practice learning how 2D Platformers are made in Unity Engine, I decided to learn it because its the most classic version of game design. We would go first to Mario games as the beginning of level design.”

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